The Maiden Voyage of the RV

This weekend we plan to take the new RV out on its maiden voyage.

Originally we planned to go to Hilton Head, SC. Then we toyed with Jordon Lake near Raleigh, NC. Finally we thought about running up to my sister’s place at Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.

The problem for all places is we couldn’t be guaranteed of spot at any place with shore power, water and sewer hookups.

I called a friend down in Southport, NC and she said to come on and she had a place for us at her RV Park.

So, we kill two birds with one stone. We take the camper on the first shakedown trip, and we get full family guilt relief by visiting Gigi’s mother who lives nearby.

Frankly I am a bit nervous about towing this monster. We have had some kind of RV since 1992. Towing in general is a bit nerve racking. The new fifth wheel actually tows much better but it is much heavier and requires a longer time to brake.

I am not familiar with hooking and unhooking, using the slide outs and general setup like I was before.

Today I got new 10 ply tires for the trip. Belly button lint excites me more than new tires. I knew however with weight comes friction and heat. I have had several; no three blowouts while towing and want to avoid another.

Tomorrow I get the front end aligned. More belly button lint. At 170,000 miles I guess I am due, don’t you think?

Lastly, Gigi and I are poster children for procrastination. We still haven’t packed away all the stuff in the new RV. We’ve only had 6 weeks you know. I guess we’ll get to it Thursday morning just hours before we leave.


Ali said...

I am genuinely relieved that you took care of all that tire business - and yes, towing something of that magnitude does seem scary.

But...all I seem to be able to concentrate on is "Belly button lint excites me more than new tires."
And just when I stop laughing and manage to compose myself, you go ahead and throw in "More belly button lint."

I will wake up in the dead of night laughing at the way you wrote that, I have no doubt.

Logzie said...

I actually had a dream last night that we went camping with you and Gigi...crazy huh.

Have fun on your trip and be safe!