Crap, Crap, and Double Crap!

A week ago I took the jeep to get a liner sprayed in the metal interior. The jeep is still there all torn apart. I’m down one vehicle. That’s okay, I have two more.

Today I am having a guy come over and build up a pad for the behemoth camper, so I had to move the camper yesterday afternoon to a friend’s farm.

When I attempted to disengage the camper from my truck, the electric jacks failed to work. I checked fuses and wires but it would work at all. I could manually jack the 13,000 beast and elected not to do so. Now I’m down another vehicle and a camper.

I called Gigi to come over and pick me up. She was already in her PJs getting ready to rest. She had a nerve block yesterday.

Gigi started asking me a million questions about why it wouldn’t work. How the hell should I know? I pushed the button and the hydraulics would com on. Somehow this is my fault?

Now I have one car that I need tomorrow to go to work…its Gigi’s car.

Now if Goober doesn’t finish the drive way today so I can bring my truck and camper home, or Goober II doesn’t finish my Jeep, or if Goober III (me) can’t manually unhook the truck from the camper, then I am going to have to rent a darn car.