My Terms....

Today I experienced an event that was once in a lifetime. It was so significant that I bother to blog about it.

I know this has happened to all of you. You are working away, stapling stuff together when suddenly out of nowhere, you run out of staples. I hate that.

You first experience the disappointment of the misfire.

Second, your work is interrupted as you hunt for refills. Then you load the stapler and give it a few fires to see if it’s functioning correctly.

Lastly, you resume your work where you left off….a little more bitter that where you started.

How could such a little machine control me?

Today, I was happily stapling away when I got a hunch that I may be out of staples. I looked at the little reveal where the staples are loaded and saw a red plastic thingy. Upon further investigation I found that indeed I was completely out of staples.

Ahh haa, you nasty little machine. I am loading you with staples on my terms, not yours.

For once I preempted the disappointment of the staple failure.

I feel more in control.


Anonymous said...

Funny you and Zig have a lot to say about Staplers. I never think about them much. But someone borrowed mine yesterday and I was worried about getting it back.

mr zig said...

someone used my stapler today and ruined my "full stapler" - (I had only saved up 4 piles of paper to staple) - but now I don't care - everything will get stapled!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Do you keep your stapler topped off? I don't. I think that is wrong. Load once.....then wait to run out. Take it like a man.

Terri said...

Somehow I feel out of place here. My stapler pretty much sits and gathers dust. I feel so deprived of the joy of stapling!

Friendly Manitoban said...

I have an automatic stapler - It makes me feel more powerful!

Ali said...

My stapler is dusty and abused and I use it even if there is nothing to staple. I just randomly staple the air.
I agree with Reggie - man up Zig!