I'm A Bad Man

I am very ashamed. I have played golf for the past two days, right here in the middle of the work week.

I am salty, dehydrated, a bit smelly, tanned and happy. Oh I love the summer!

We laughed today like kids. It was a tournament for my church and I knew we had no chance of winning. So we decided to have fun like 14 year olds. I laughed so hard once that I thought I was going to pop a tube and kill over. You worry about such stuff when you are over 50.

At the end they made sure every one won something. I came home with a homemade coconut pound cake, a coupon for a dozen red roses with greenery, and a vase, and a wine cooler thingy and a cheese board. The wine cooler and cheese board will be cool in the new RV.

Tomorrow I must return to the salt mines. My fun is over until next week. I have two games scheduled for Thursday and Friday of next week.


Anonymous said...

Acting immature and laughing like kids is the BEST. Glad you had fun!