I can understand most any accent. Some accents require more brain processing time. Some accents make my skin crawl. Other accents are endearing.

I love Caribbean accents. Australian accents sound harsh to me. If I hear that woman on the TV show Lost scream about her baaaaybeeee one more time I may jump out the window.

One accent I cannot process I’ll a Swedish-Minnesota-Icelandic accent. It is so sing song with its highs and lows that my brain has to start and stop processing the language.

So I called US Airways this morning to get a voucher for my cancelled trip to NYC. A nice Swedish-Minnesota-Icelandic person answered the phone.

We struggled through the call. She was miffed at my stupidity and I sounded like grandpa by having her repeat everything.

I now have two vouchers to fly somewhere fun within 12 months. You can bet I’m not going to Minnesooooota any time soon.


Ali said...

I'm used to the Minnesota accent because of the whole border town thing, but I can't STAND the accents of people from North Dakota.
They drive me absolutely crazy! We were down there for a shopping weekend in March and I held the door for this lady who had a huge cart of stuff.
She said "Oha my gawd, thank youa so mach, I really appreciate youa." I'm sure I did a body shiver right there in front of her.
And I was thinking about your 2 tickets to go somewhere "fun" in the next 12 months. How about Winnipeg in January? Mwah, ha, ha...there's nowhere like our -50 weather with a -60 windchill and 4 feet of snow that says "Welcome to Paradise" like we do!

mr zig said...

yeah - I agree with Ali - Winnipeg is the PERFECT destination! hehehe - You can't REALLY appreciate warm weather until you've spent some time here in Jauary or Febraury! :)