Airline Follow Up

The dividend miles saga continues. I have called US Airways twice and they keep saying that the miles will post. So here is an email I sent this morning:

My dividend miles are not posting from my US Airways credit card. The credit card has my correct dividend miles number and the miles were sent three weeks ago. In total I should have nearly 30,000 additional miles along with my current balance in the upper 20s. I have called both parties. The card company said they are done everything as required and US Airways seems helpless to post anything.

Are my miles lost? If not specifically when will the miles post. Please let me know so I can convert the card to a dividend miles program that may work.

Gigi finally got her stuff in the mail that was taken from her before boarding to San Francisco. As you may recall, Gigi had some expensive makeup and crack filler as I call it. This was not allowed on the plane so they let us mail it back to our home address for $16. Well the goop they took was worth a few hundred Gigi openly confessed. So she filled out the paperwork, got a receipt and expected a package on Monday.

Here it is weeks later and the box shows up with a hole in the most expensive tube of goop.

Gigi read the fine print and found out the airport didn’t use a standard shipping service like FedEx or UPS but they used a woman owned company half the state away. So the airport collected the money, shipped the goop 150 miles east where a company full of women packed and shipped the goop back 142 miles after waiting 4 weeks. In the meantime they punched a hole and sampled the most expensive crack filler.

None of this makes sense to me.

By the way, happy Columbus Day to my Yankee friends to the north and happy Thanksgiving Day to my friends in Canada. Down south it’s just another Monday.


Logzie said...

Happy Monday to you...yesterday.

Wow, that would really tick me off!!

Crack filler...too funny!!!