More 20 Something Stuff

I must say that I am very impressed with the 20 something generation that I have come into contact with lately.

I played golf Sunday with a 23 year old man who was a college graduate, been married three years and had 30 employees working under him. I quizzed him a bit on his business structure and tax strategies just to see if he was blowing smoke. He was for real. He had a well reasoned business plan. This is encouraging.

I played golf yesterday with a 20 something year old woman (you don’t ask a lady) and she was a company representative who had been married 5 years, had a child age 3, and was successful in her business. She played decent golf too. Her husband watched the child full time and did contract work from home. She happened to be working by taking me out for golf.

All this encourages me about where our nation(s) are going as I spiral toward old age.


Ali said...

Being a 20-something myself, I'm happy that you're happy with us.
And I hardly think that 50 is "spiraling towards old age."