The Visit

Gigi awoke and knew she was in the camper but she could remember where we were. Are we at the beach, the mountains? Eventually she recalled the previous day and Jordon Lake.

I woke up and saw two excited border collies wanting to walk and sniff. The third border collie was still asleep dreaming about walking and sniffing.

So we ate some breakfast and had some coffee and took the dogs walking and sniffing.

We had a lunch date with my mother and headed to Durham for a visit and lunch.

On the way we stopped by CVS pharmacy to pick up an inhaler. I had a fairly severe asthma attack the previous evening and had forgotten my inhaler. So I had to ride out the chest tightness, the gasping for air and general inability to breath without any medical intervention. This campground locks down at 8 PM so baring an emergency you are stuck. I didn’t reach what I thought was an emergency room situation.

We gad a wonderful visit with my mother. She seems always to be in good spirits and will only tell you her opinion if you ask.

So I asked, “Mom, does you credit card company give you bonus points of any kind?”

I was concerned that she may have accrued thousands of air miles or bonus points and she may be totally unaware.

She said, “Yes, they do. They try to make me pick from a catalog of crap that I don’t want and make me pay shipping. Why would I pay $10 to have some crap I don’t want shipped to me? I have to do this once a year and the points don’t rollover.”

“Well, I see you have formed an opinion of you card company”, I said.

At least I knew now she was aware of the potential and she wasn’t being taken advantage of.

I wonder what type of crap they have in that catalog. What’s crap to her may be cool to me. I might pay $10 for cool crap. Then the points would go unwasted.

We headed back to the campground to nap and play with the dogs. I noticed that several newbie tent campers had set up near by. Its always fun to watch tent campers set up, cook and function in such a manner that is so remote from their everyday life. It’s strange to she how people consider it fun to go back to the Stone Age for a night by tent camping. I used to tent camp as a young adult, but not anymore.

We drifted off for the evening hearing folks talk around a campfire over our movie on HBO.


mr zig said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! and those pictures make me wish I was out at the lake!

that would be nice...