Polish Sausage!

Being a southerner I never appreciated ethnic foods. Our ethnic food is and was soul food. It was just normal food to us like collards, turnips, biscuits, fried chicken, sweet iced tea, sweet potatoes, etc.

We didn’t have many folks around from foreign countries or other parts of the Untied States so our cultural exposure was lacking. As the south grew that all changed.

I married into a Polish Chicago family and experienced Polish Sausage for the first time about 25 years ago.

Polish sausage was and is not well distributed much below Indiana. So I would wait for a relative to visit and they would bring me sausage as a carry-on item. It would still be ½ frozen all wrapped up in aluminum foil.

Eventually we found a local deli that would fly in frozen Polish Sausage from New York. It is good but it’s not quite the same.

So enter my new employee MB from Chicago. We were having a discussion about Chicago food when naturally the sausage thing came up. It seems her father has a passion for sausage and he and his brother make their own.

Her family insisted and went to great trouble to share their sausage. It arrived nice and cold today by priority mail.

Thank you MB’s family.

I make beer and I understand her Dad likes beer. Maybe we can setup an import and export business between our homes.

What you see in the picture is the official corporate refrigerator where folks store their lunch, get cold drinks and now the official refrigerator at lest for a few hours of polish sausage. MB said she was snitching a few sausages for herself.


Anonymous said...

Your office fridge sure looks better than the one at my office.

Logzie said...

better than my fridge too! Mine is empty at the moment!