Reasonable Deductions

This has been a screwed up unscheduled week. I was to have a few meetings in my office on Monday and Tuesday. Then Wednesday lunch with Gigi as she took me to the airport for meetings in New York. Then Gigi would pick me up Friday night and we would have dinner. On the weekend it would start with Saturday chores, football, a few beers, and then Sunday NFL home game with all the pageantry.

The New York trip was cancelled due to Gigi’s medical tests.

I live and die by my calendar. I am self employed so making my schedule is making my living. If I don’t have anything on my schedule then I tend to play golf. I cannot make a living playing golf.

So today it’s an unseasonably warm 87 degrees Reggie weather and I was supposed to be in a meeting in NYC and out of the office anyway. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 66 degrees and rainy. So Friday will be the day to put my calendar together for next week and today there will be golf!