I woke up and decided to cook some sausage. I cut on the exhaust fan so the good smelling fumes would engulf our tent camping neighbors. I sure home our gas heater did keep waking them in the night as it cycled on and off, hehehe.

We’ll have to hook up and get going by noon or so.

I am a bit fretful about missing the Carolina Panthers play the Cincinnati Bengals at 1:00. I could bust butt right now and be home in time. Or hang around until 4PM and leave then. Both options allow me to watch the game and both options are unpopular with Gigi. So I’ll drop the idea and listen to the game on satellite radio as I drive home.

Normally I take a 5 gallon bottle of purchased water for drinking and for the coffee. We keep the tank right outside the door and have a hand pump on top the tank to dispense the water. Gigi noticed I hadn’t been outside to fill the coffee pot. I told her that I had forgotten the tank.

“Oh no, we’re going to get worms!” Gigi declared.

Gigi got very sick once after camping and swears it was the water supplied by the campground.

“No we’re not going to get sick. It chlorinated city water from Apex”, I said.

After a while Gigi asked if I’d mind pouring her a second cup of worms and chlorine.