Life at 50

This morning I had a nice long phone conversation with my friend Thomas, as we both commuted in opposite directions to work.

We talked about golf, football, other friends, our wives, and recent ailments.

Thomas commented to me after his story about a recent stomach ailment that put him down for a week. “Time is drawing nigh my friend. I have friends and family our age falling out (dying) all the time.”

I said, “Yeah we have more life behind us than we have ahead of us.”

It’s a fact that at 50 you start getting that first wave of friends that are dying of natural causes. It makes you think about where you are in life, what have you done to experience life, how have you served God, and how have you served mankind.

When I was in my 20s I would wake up in the night fearing death. My life was a struggle then and very incomplete. Fearful thoughts at night are always worst the younger you are.

Today at 50 I still feel great and exercise daily.

I experience more things now than when I was younger. The reason I scuba dived this winter was I always said I would do it some day. In too many more years I will not be able to scuba. I never see 80 year old geezers’ scuba diving.

I travel more now. I visit family and friends more now. I recognize my enemies now and confront them. I hug my wife more now and bring her flowers for no reason. I deliberately do things slower now so I can fully experience and remember the activity.


Anonymous said...

I have been having similiar thoughts recently about life. I guess Tom's (my husband for those who don't know) 60th birthday and knowing my 6oth will be in 3 short years makes me think. I am enjoying my life now more than ever. As a Christian, I no longer fear death but I just don't want to leave my life here behind.

Logzie said...

I agree with you Judy...I don't fear death but I would miss my life here also.

Good post Reggie, It's a good reminder to all of us to enjoy each day to the fullest while at the same time be prepared for the inevitable. And having things 'right' with God is the first step to that.