Beef Baron

Last night I dreamed I lost my job which would be difficult since I am self employed but not impossible if I was barred from the industry. Now I am out of work and stuck with a lease, employees and no source of income.

In steps a dead friend of mine who offers me a job cooking beef and pork sandwiches. We just ignored the fact that he was dead. I didn’t want to embarrass him and I did need a job. So I’m cooking these big beef cuts, I get promoted to pork, then get partner all in a day. My old job calls and wants me back but I have forgotten everything about the old job in a day. I am now a beef and pork baron.

Go figure that out.


Ali said...

I don't intend to even attempt to try to figure that out - it's way too wacked.
I myself have been having nightmares the last 4 nights about copy for 5 magazines all coming in on one day and everyone at my work taunting me that I was going to get fired.
Go figure - is it something in the fall air that is making us feel like we're going to lose our jobs?

Logzie said...

You really have to be careful what you are eating before bedtime Reggie! You are having some CRAZY dreams! I know what you mean about not wanting to embarass your dead friend...that would have been rude.


mr zig said...

mmmm sandwiches mmmmm

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that when you dream about dead people you feel bad to mention to them that they are dead.