Its Good To Be Loved

Haley is relatively new to traveling and camping. Riding down the road is still rather stressful and I can’t help believe in the back of her doggie mind she thinks we are sending her to a new home.

When we came home yesterday afternoon from camping Haley raced back to the bedroom and plopped in the middle of the bed. She paused only for supper and slept through the night. She loves home.

This morning I was in the process of parking and unhitching the camper when I heard both Cedie and Haley screaming at the top of their lungs form the house. Both dogs were convinced that I was going on another fun trip and I had forgotten the dogs.

Haley loves home but she loves her pack better. Its good to be loved even if it just dogs.


Logzie said...

Your trip sounds fun and relaxing! Glad you had a good time and it was cool to read about it as it was happening!