I Am Back World

This is my wife’s worst nightmare. Guys gone wild. Yes this is the rat’s nest of wire I have created behind my wife’s computer.

I don’t know what goes where or even if some of them could be removed. I am too impatient to test and untangle them so they stay.

So this morning I decided to move the broadband cable connection and I had to deal with this nest. To make matters worse I took down the Internet (not the whole world just mine) and the cable TV all at once.

I don’t care about the TV. We have satellite TV. Gigi has cable backup in case the Russians knock out a Direct TV satellite or something.

But loosing the Internet? That hurts.

Since I planned to stay home today and the Internet was down, just what in the heck was there to do? Well I cleaned, washed stuff and we did it together. Amazing!

Luckily the cable guy was nearby so by 4 PM I was back online sitting on my butt as I was meant to be.

It seems I had bypassed a cable signal booster.
So the rats nest stays, the house is clean and I am happy