The Rolling Stones

It happened exactly at 9:02 AM as Cedie and I were riding to grocery store for tailgate supplies. It was the unmistakable pain of a kidney stone moving in my back.

I have felt something for days but this was the first time the stone has presented so boldly. The pain subsided and revisited 30 minutes later and again while I was in the shower.

Okay stones, stay at bay. I have plans this weekend.

A year ago I encountered kidney stones for the first time. I attempted to deal with the pain and decided it would be best to go to the hospital since I found the only half way comfort I could find was balled up on the floor of the bathroom.

I could never pass the stone so it was extracted.

Now I hope that my new stone has found a comfortable place to sit and it will leave me alone for a while.

So it afternoon and all is well with my chitterlings. I hope the stones stay put.

It is very cold and rainy here and I played golf. As I left the club I did a 360 on the wet highway and ended up in a ditch in the wrong direction. Fortunately no one was hurt and there was not any damage.

By the way cold and rainy here is 51 degrees with misty rain and a strong breeze about 15 MPH. It’s playable but chills to the bone.


Ali said...

Holy Moly, I'm glad you're okay!

Logzie said...

Wow! So glad nobody got hurt!!