We Have A Worry

Gigi went for a routine breast exam a few weeks ago. I had been on her to get this done as she hates to get showered, dressed, head to town and meet someone at an appointed time. Gigi is more of a free spirit. But it was time for a breast exam.

Gigi got a call today from Charlotte Radiology and they said they saw a mass and needed her to come back in for further scans and a biopsy.

The good news is half of these stories turn out good and the bad news is the other half turns out bad.

So we are hoping for good news Wednesday afternoon when we meet with the doctors.

Meanwhile we are walking around acting like everything is okay when it may be or it may not be okay.

Keep Gigi in your prayers please.


Logzie said...

I will definately be praying for Gigi! I had the same thing happen to me 2 other times. I did have them removed and they turned out to be nothing! And that is exactly what I will be praying for her as well. Please keep us posted!

Amos said...

Half of the "battle" of any of these things is the attitude, and by you saying that you are walking around like everything is okay is the right way to go. Saying that everything will be ok, is the right way to go. I will definitely lift her up in prayer that it will be a good report and for peace for both of you throughout the next few days. God Bless.

Ali said...

Absolutely, tell her I'll be thinking of her (and of you of course) and wishing for the best.

Anonymous said...

Prayers for you Gigi....

Anonymous said...

Oh Reggie!
We are thinking of Gigi too and try not to worry ok?
Ca buds