Goodbye to a Friend

“In Dixie Land where I was born in early on one frosty mornin'”

Lyrics from Dixie

Oh my precious heat is gone. Where have you gone my old friend? We had such a good time together this year. Remember the sunny days of golf, and moving about freely from car to building without a coat? Remember all the beautiful things you brought and now have taken away? I long for flowers and leaves and green grass and the smell of cut grass.

Now I must be content with brown and bare sticks, muddy grounds, heavy coats and dry itchy skin and sore bones.

I know dear heat you are visiting our friends in the southern hemisphere where they have patiently awaited you arrival.

Remember, we have a date in April.


Amos said...

Hey, here in Tulsa we had 75 degrees today. I will send some your way, it was a perfect fall day! Hope you have an 'indian' summer day coming your way.