Likes and Dislikes

I don’t like M&Ms in cooked food. M&Ms are quite good on their own. Don’t set M&Ms on top of cookies. Chocolate chips are designed for this. This covers M&Ms on cupcake icing too. No! Don’t try it.

I don’t like peanuts substituted for nuts like pecans or walnuts. This just isn’t right and you should not do this. Peanuts only belong in certain foods and baked goods do not qualify as a peanut food. Use soft nuts for this.

I don’t like to pump gas or especially pump diesel.

I don’t like to go to the bank.

Some days I get diesel and go to the bank. This makes me angry.

I do not like to rake leaves.

I hate it when I get pancake syrup on my hands.

I never know what to do with bacon grease. We had a grease bucket in the kitchen as a kid and mom would use it to season food. I eat bacon three times a year now.

I don’t like it when a waiter takes my napkin even if I’m finished eating. I like to hold my napkin until I leave.

I don’t like it when a waitress gets all sweet at the end of a meal thinking it will make up for her bad service at tip time.

I hate cheap tippers. I tip 15% no matter what and 20% if the service was good. Okay, 10% if the service was poor.

I hate it when people show up late for anything. I am always on time. Late people waste my time. I don’t think late people are any better or worse that me but they appear to respect their time more than mine.

I love candles especially at dinner.

I like silver better than gold but gold makes a nice accent to silver.

I hate polishing silver but it sure looks good when you finish.

I hate it when I eat too much. I try not to do that anymore.

I don’t get sushi. I eat it but it’s not that flavorful. I always want bread in an Asian restaurant anyway.

I love seafood and I especially love shellfish.

I love most wine, especially red wine but I like it all.

I like tobacco but haven’t used it in 16 years. Tobacco is too addicting. I do wish I could smoke a cigar but I am afraid of tobacco addiction. I love they way a pipe smells. My father smoked a pipe.

I don’t like doing division by hand, or any math by hand for that matter.


Logzie said...

I have to disagree...M & M's DO belong 'on' and 'in' far as I am concerned. They are my favorite cookies. :-)

Just had to add that.

Peach Pod said...

Here are some more for you:

You love getting fresh seafood at the coast.

You love walking your dogs on the beach.

You hate your redneck neighbor.

You love the Panthers.

You love the concerts at the lighthouse on St. Simons Island.

You love pumpkins.

You love that your nephew has the same appreciation for quality fake poo as you do!