Google Earth

I love Google Earth. I highly recommend the free download for those of you that would like to waste just a little more time.

With Google Earth you can visit most any of your favorite places and you get there by flying at incredible speeds and heights. When you arrive you are suspended about 1000 feet over your destination.

So, does everyone have the software loaded? Good, let’s continue.

With your software loaded click here to visit Full Moon Beach Bar down on Cane Bay in St Croix.

The picture you see at the top of the page is Judy, her husband and myself sitting at the bar facing the ocean.

Now look at the Google image you just rendered and you see what a buzzard sees over Cane Bay. Isn’t this exciting?

You can see both happy Reggie on the ground and happy Reggie from 1000 feet. Wow! This is a great waste of time, isn't it?

Okay, that link thing didn’t work. Here’s the image. Forget I ever posted this. Enjoy your Sunday.


mr zig said...

mmmm google earth... I keep uninstalling it because it takes up too much of my time! but then I reinstall it - waste too much time, and... well its a vicious circle... right now i'm in "uninstalled" mode