Familiar Things

Oh it’s good to be home. I love to travel but prefer to travel with my wife. So I’m back to familiar things and familiar sounds and smells. Back to familiar hairy little dog faces. The dogs were ecstatic to see me. That is a good feeling. Gigi was darn happy to see me too and that is a better feeling.

This place I stayed was a strange little town. It is very cute and quaint and well worth a visit if you ever get near there. The people though are like some TV comedy. Everyone is a character. I’ll leave it at that.

I have been walking around golf courses for two of the most beautiful days of the year. I know I can’t describe the beauty but I’ll try. Picture tree covered mountains at the peak of fall foliage, add a deep robins egg blue sky, toss in copious mountain streams and ponds then bake it all at 72 degrees. That is a perfect day.


Logzie said...

Sounds fantastic!

Hey...post a picture of your carved pumpkin...if you can.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I'll take a picture of the pumpkin when I get home.