Blog People

I have my circle of blog people and I am comfortable with them. I usually check everyone’s blog first thing in the morning and again in the evening. If I’m bored at work I snoop around too to see if anyone has made a mid day entry. You all seem fairly level headed and moral.

The blogs I read are unusually biased toward 20 something females. Most guys of the same age don’t blog and older folks don’t seem to blog. I wish some of the husbands would blog so they could expose some man stuff.

I enjoy keeping up with my familiar blog people. My wife and I comment and speculate about what is going on based on your posts. My sister and I do the same by email. For us it’s like reliving our 20s. We were much the same.

I will occasionally hit the next blog button on Blogger and go careening off to the unknown. 50% of the time I land on a non-English blog, or some painful teenager’s blog with teenage coded English, or a blog that bores me to tears.

Once in a long while I’ll bookmark a new blog to give it a tryout. I just cleared off 3 blogs that I just could get into at all.

I started writing my blog last February as a way to taunt my friends back home while I was vacationing in the Virgin Islands. I got hooked and continued to blog daily and sometimes several entries daily. As of this post I have made 289 entries. No way would I ever have thought I would be doing this. I don’t like to write, but getting my thoughts out is therapeutic for me. I think Blogger resets old blogs at 300 so I will loose the first entries. Oh well.

When I know I have a group of readers I think about them when I write. When I write a comment I try to guess who will get riffled up over what I just said. Most of the time I am surprised about who comments on what, or even that a particular post drew so many or so few comments.

Well, that’s my comment non blogging and blog people. Thanks for reading blog people.


Logzie said...

Cool post Reggie. I am working on my husband. Atleast he has started to read mine and I think we are getting closer to him actually writing one. That is how I found you. I hit next blog and when I saw "Charlotte" it caught my attention b/c we had just been there. I always love checking your blog b/c you have a great light hearted way of seeing things and I think you have a great sense of humor! I think another reason I read the blogs that I do read is I somewhat get to live vicariously thru that person. Get out of 'my world' a little bit and check out someone else's life for a minute or two. It's fun.

I actually was actually getting ready to do a post something like this as well. Stay tuned!

And thanks for have me LOL quite often!!! :-)

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Thanks Logziella,

I ran into Ali's blog by doing a search for Gemini. I started reading, made a comment or two and made a friend. You commented on mine and you and Ali have hooked up. It's a small world. I enjoy reading them all.

mr zig said...

Interesting point Reggie! - I too am often surprised at who comments to what. The days where I just write a quick "crappy" post is when I seem to get the most readers, and the most comments... Hm... perhaps I should just try to write crappy posts everyday!

Anyway I also agree that there needs to me more guys blogging... I've tried convincing my friends, but heck, half of them don't even check their e-mail once a week!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy all of the same bloggers too. I don't blog but look forward to reading others. I have always loved knowing how other people think and feel and hearing about their lives.
Maybe I will blog someday.

Ali said...

Um, I feel very special to be a 20-something female now, thanks!
I love, love, love this post and I love all the people that read my blogs and those that I read (which is pretty much the same group of people).
I'm very happy that you decided to do a "gemini" search one day and that you found me.
I read your blog daily as well and I love to check in on you at your office. If you feel someone looking over your shoulder it's probably me. ;-)

Amos said...

Wow, I'm 20 something, cool. That means I have no kids so I could go on vacation and have a thought to myself! Not! That's what 34 gets me nowadays.

Great post. I have stopped hitting next blog because one time I got one of those teenagers, but my eyes were shocked when I scrolled down to nude pics. Has scared me ever since to hit that button. So sad for that poor girl.

P.S. I have been blowing the warmth to the east, has it hit yet?

Ali Kat said...

I'm trying so hard to get my hubby to write. He's just always making fun, and I'm very suspicious he's the anonymous commenter on a recent post of mine.

I too am scared to hit next blog. I came across a few bloggers who like being spanked - definitely not my bag, EEeeeeww :p

Alyssa said...

I like reading your posts Reggie.

I like the way you write.

I like how mostly you are not boring and many times I laugh out loud when I read your writings.

I like how you always have something new to say.

I like that you are often relevant and sometimes random.

I like peanut butter.