Bed Stuff

We are contemplating a new bed frame, mattress, and box springs. For what all this costs I could buy a decent used car. With a car I would a bunch of metal moving parts and it would take me places.

A mattress is just a bunch of fabric and foam that you lay on. I don’t get it.

I can sleep just fine on the floor, sofa, or in my current bed. I think this is a girly thing about getting a new bed.

I think we should keep our current bed and buy a used car or plasma TV instead. We could sleep in the car or in front of the TV and still have a bed.


Ali said...

Good luck with the new plasma or car instead of the bed. I'm 98% sure that Gigi already has her mind made up and that soon you will be sleeping in a brand new foam/spring concoction!

Logzie said...

I hear ya! Those things are SO expensive! We invested $600 into our mattress when we were first married and 7 years later...we already feel the need to update. Now that we have done more research...$600 was really not a lot considering what you could pay...maybe this is why it only lasted 7 years!

Personally, I think you really don't get a 'good' bed until you invest more like $2,500-$3,000 and by the time we can afford that...we will need one of those craftmatic adjustable beds because we will be like 85 years old and will need to push a button to help us get out of bed!! And by then it would cost more like $10,000 anyway! UGH!!!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I like those Craftmatic commercials. People act like they are comfortable being folded in half.