Star Date 10122006

Man oh man it was a nice day here today. We keep expecting a cold blast from Canada but it appears to be failing. We were to have our first frost Saturday morning but now I think they are calling for the upper 30s.

I got a call from two clients late yesterday and they planned to be in town. They wanted to know if I would be up for a game of golf since it was expected to be in the 70s today.

What I won’t do for my clients. I obliged them and we had a great round in Fort Mill, SC on the grounds of the former PTL Club of Jim and Tammy Baker.

My new assistant MB is in Las Vegas having fun with her boy friend so I got an associate to cover the phones while I was out.

Okay, it was an adult day for me. I got a little sunburned on my face because I forgot my hat.

That’s it. A boring blog but I did one. Eh, Ali Kat?


Logzie said...

Yah, when we visited friends in Charlotte over this past Labor Day weekend, they took us to Fort Mill, SC and to the old grounds that you spoke about. I really knew nothing about that whole situation until then and it was just SO SAD to see all that! Especially that hotel that, from what I understand, was never ever used just sitting there rotting away! I had such a deep sad feeling while we drove thru there b/c of all of the people that were hurt in that mess. YUCK!

Ali Kat said...

Meany. Check it out now. Hubby's been conspiring!