Women In Cars

You can sure tell if a woman has been in the car and if she was the driver or passenger. I jumped in the car with Ty for lunch. He drove his car.

Ty starts the car and immediately I am suffocating in stagnate air. I looked at the vents and they are all closed or are pointing up in the air. It’s still 80 degrees here.

So like 98% of the women in the world his wife is cold natured and renders air circulation in the car useless. I asked and Ty confirmed that she had been a passenger that past weekend.

Then Ty gets on a jag about his mirrors pointing all which a ways when she has been driving. Not only does he suffocate but he can’t see to change a lane.

This blog entry is about Ty’s wife only. My wife is perfect in every way.


Ali said...

Nice little disclaimer...trying to save your butt hey?
I'll have you know (finger wagging at an imaginary Reggie) that the only thing I change when I get in the car is to move the seat up because I can't reach the pedals.
Everything else stays the same.
(Now I'm sticking my tongue out at you.)
; )