October Golf

The golf was phenomenal and the weather was too. It is hard to beat an 80 degree October day. The air was clear with no humidity and the sun was bright and low in the sky.

I ended up playing golf by myself. Gigi thinks this is sad, but I love the opportunity to work on my game without the stress of competition. I played two balls on most every hole. I kept an honest score on the first ball of every hole. The second ball practice helped. No wonder I am tired today; that is a lot of ball striking.

I had several lucky shots. On number 16 a par three over water I hit the ball about a foot from shore and the ball bounced and landed on dry land. The next shot I hit the sand trap and the ball traveled on through and ended up on the green.

I may have a special edition emergency golf game Saturday. I normally don’t play on the weekend and prefer to spend time with Gigi. However I have been trying to play with his one guy and he said Saturday would work for him.