Wine Dinner

Last night was our quarterly wine pairing dinner at our club. I love these events. We gather with friends in a ballroom with around 60 other wine enthusiasts and slowly eat a great meal prepared for 5 different wines.

The winery last night was St Francis. We were particularly impressed with the Chardonnay and Sirah wines.

I am a red wine fan and mostly drink merlot, cabernet and zinfandel varietals. Sirah/Shiraz whether from California or Australia never seems balanced and emits too much bite. This Sirah was well balanced and had the good pepper bite you expect, but unlike most Sirah the fruit came through and was not outdone by all the pepper.

We started with a sparkling wine, then the chardonnay, and then the sirah, moved on to the reserve cabernet, and finished with a bold and hearty red reserve zinfandel.

The wines were offered to us at cost and we all bought additional bottles for our own collections.

Don’t worry we all had designated drivers.