I Am Physically on Vacation and This Makes Me Happy

Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and all the ships at sea. I am now on vacation/holiday whatever you call it wherever you are.

I felt my brain switch over this afternoon.

Tonight I will have dinner with my bride. Tomorrow I plan to have a leisurely morning after attending to a personal matter. Then in the afternoon a nice drive to Jordon Lake for some peace and quiet.

We’ll probably make a camp fire and toss the Frisbee for the dogs.

Now on to the issue of the day, popcorn eating.

I like popcorn, Gigi loves popcorn and her father absolutely devours popcorn.

When I eat popcorn I visually select a kernel then pick it up and eat it. In a dark theater I grab a few and eat them. Gigi is the same.

Gigi's father is a popcorn massager. He fingers and scratches up and fluffs the surface of the popcorn and finally stops to grab a small handful of kernels. In doing this he manages to touch 80% of the surface corn which mentally contaminates the corn. He definitely steps over the communal popcorn sharing boundry.

I have seen others do this but it is rare behavior.

I have pointed this difference out to popcorn massagers and they acknowledge that they are different and promptly resume their abnormal behavior.

Okay, I shared a bowl of popcorn this evening with my father-in-law and it was creepy.