Food Hang Ups

Okay, I want to comment on some really important stuff today. First off, please let it be known that I will throw about any grocery down my own neck so I speak with authority.

Have you noticed how some people are just weird about food? I have a nephew that will not eat any food that sounds like a person’s name like stew. I know three people who will not eat any food with the word chops simply because they dislike the way chops sound.

I know a guy who loves the taste of apple sauce but gags on the texture. He eats the apple sauce anyway and gags the whole time. That is crazy.

My father-in-law (FIL) starts eating the softest food then works his way to tougher textured food followed by meat. So the mashed potatoes go first, then the beans, then the salad, and finally the meat. He never mixes food but eats each serving in its entirety based on consistency then moves to the next entrée.

Finally the meat is doused in a heavy coating of the cheapest ketchup money can buy. More ketchup is poured on later in the meat fest.

My FIL does have strict ketchup rules. All meat is subject to ketchup except chicken and sometimes grilled salmon. I have seen him eat a boneless pork chop thinking it was a chicken breast. Halfway through the meal Gigi may say, “Dad, how do you like the pork chop?” Then you see panic come over him when he realizes he has broken his own ketchup rule. The remaining chop gets covered in ketchup.

His second ketchup rule is he never eats ketchup with French fries. French fries are saved until the end of the meal and then eaten bare and by now, very soggy. That is crazy. Ketchup was invented for French fries.

Finally I have friends that have foods touching each other hang ups. I think this is some holdover from childhood and the “crust on the bread thing”.

Food touching folks don’t want the beans or the bean juice running over and touching the potatoes. But they will eat a salad which is a bowl of different food touching each other or a pizza or soup. Again crazy.


Logzie said...

Oooh...good post! Where do I begin? The only catagory that I really fit in that you mentioned is the bean juice (or any juice) running into anything else on my plate...especially mashed potatoes! Yuck!

I could not imagine eating one whole item on your plate in it's entirety before moving onto the next. My 'thing' is that I need to eat them in all equal bites. For example...I cannot eat a cheeseburger without fries...or a sandwich without chips. They go together and each bite consists of a little of each. Now that I am getting older...I am liking a crunchy item in my food. The other day I had chicken salad and they had added those chowmein noodles to it and it was awesome...b/c it had 'crunchy' in it!
Those are my 'food issues'...

Ali Kat said...

I am totally picky with food. I'm big on textures (didn't eat apple sauce 'till about 2 yrs ago. I also can't stand foods touching each other. I know they all go to the same place eventually, but somehow, I need to be in control of what's going in together.

Logziella - We are so alike, it's scary. I too have to make each bite equal. Your examples described me to a tee. Wow!!

mr zig said...

I also don't get "weird food people" - But I too have a food issue... my issue is that I love all food... I dont' care what its served with as long as i'm eating it i'm happy! - speaking of which I think i'll have a cookie right now.

Peach Pod said...

You forgot your FIL's other food rule: "If you are going to throw it out, I'm going to eat it." We make a game of it at my house. First, we ask him if he is full. If he says yes, when then look for a big bowl of something and say, "I'm just going to throw this out, do you want it?" He ALWAYS eats it. The bowl may need to inch its way to the trash, but in the end, its contents will be downed by him.