Cat 4 Nap

Well we didn’t make it out of town today but I’m still on vacation mode.

I just woke from a category 4 nap complete with bus hair and confusion about whether it is morning or evening. Whew that was a good one.

Now plans are to get away early and be at the lake no later than noon Friday. That will give us plenty of time to get there, set up the RV and satellite dish and then we plan to veg.

I don’t know what we were thinking about leaving today. Neither of us had packed and the RV needs cleaning big time.

We even talked about not going altogether. Our oldest border collie Peaches looked like she was going to cry when she heard the talk.


Ali Kat said...

I had a loooooooong nap yesterday. I had scary dreams that there was someone in the house. I could hear their footsteps and see their shadow, but could not wake up to go and check. It was really frightening - I would open my eyes part way, try and lift my head, yell "who's there, is somebody there?" but I could not wake up. It was weird 'cause it felt like I really was trying to wake up, but my hubby tells me that was part of the dream too. Yikes! I woke up totally freaked out that someone was in the house, then realized it was all just a nightmare. I've been having a lot of those lately. Can't figure out why. Maybe I'm just sleeping too much. Uh, oh, hope my man doesn't read this.

Ali Kat said...
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