Bone Head

This picture has been on my SD card since last winter.

We were in St Croix and I had eaten some goat stew for lunch. Some of the bones had splintered and I had this bone wedge caught in my tooth.

I tried everything to dislodge the bone, floss, brushing etc.

Finally Gigi grabbed a steak knife and directed me to sit out in the bright sunlight. Judy was watching and snapped this photo of Dr. Gigi working on my molars. I can hear Judy laughing now. I smiled and about cut my lips.

Gigi got the bone out thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh again to see that picture.

Ali said...

I just decided to click on this picture to check it out more closely and saw all Gigi's jewelry. Those bracelets are fantastic! Are they a St. Croix purchase?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The bracelets are very cool and yes you get them down on the island. They are sort of a trademark of the island.

I wear the traditional hook bracelet which indicates wether you are married or not. The hook pointed to your heart means you have been spoken for, pointed away from you heart then you are available. Yes I am comfortable enough in my manhood to wear a bracelet and I even wore a pink shirt the other day.

There are many bracelet designs that have many meanings. All are hand made at the two places we buy. All the designs are simple yet beautiful.

Both of the stores we buy from are tiny retail shops. Sonya's Ltd and IB Designs

Occationally we will run across someone and they say, "hey you've been to St Croix?"

We wear the stuff all the time. Gigi has enough to run up from her wrist to her elbows on both arms.