Morning Stuff

Gigi, the dogs, the parrot and I plan to take the travel trailer to Jordon Lake, NC to get some R and R. Our plans are to leave Thursday and be back on Sunday.

Today I must get new tires on the travel trailer. The tire store is only a few miles away but taking the trailer a few miles is kind of like moving the space shuttle. I’ve got to back up, hook up, connect the electrical stuff, secure stuff inside, unhook the land line, move the chock blocks, and adjust the mirrors and go. It takes just as much effort to drive 500 miles.

When I get there the tire guys will descend on my trailer like a NASCAR pit crew. I‘ll be ready to go back in minutes $450 poorer.

Then reverse all the stuff I did above and unhook the trailer back home.

If you recall this past summer I had a big time blowout that stranded us for hours in the July heat. All of the tires are the same age so usually if one blows the other will soon. So I feel compelled to get the tires changed before I travel.

While at the lake I will have a complete Internet blackout which I don’t find comforting or relaxing.
I will continue to post to Word and will upload all of the posts and pictures on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture. I remember you looking like that.