Cracker Barrel People

I had lunch today at Cracker Barrel. Every Cracker Barrel is the same and the food is consistent.

There is always Cracker Barrel looking people at Cracker Barrel, not that there is anything wrong with Cracker Barrel people. They just all have a certain look. Cracker Barrel people sort of look like Wal-Mart customers, not that there is anything wrong with Wal-Mart customers except that Cracker Barrel people are more interested in eating than shopping although they do a lot of shopping too.

A lot of the women have what I call Jupiter hair; you know it looks kind of like a gaseous planet. And you see lots of sweat shirts with something embroidered on them.

The men all have hats on. We were taught as a child to remove a hat indoors but that rule got repealed a few years ago I guess.