Another Day Off?

Today is Martin Luther King Day in the US. Anything to do with a federal or state office is closed, plus the banks and stock markets.

The holiday was thrust upon us by labor unions in the 70’s. Then the most big lipped and wrinkled human and president we ever had, Jimmy Carter, brought forth the idea of honoring King with another day off in the middle of the worst time of year for weather.

Finally the beloved Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law in the 80’s.

States and municipalities have fought against this day ever since. It wasn’t until 2000 that the final two state holdouts became compliant with the federal mandates.

My own city just this weekend dedicated Martin Luther King Street from the former 2nd street. I though every guilt ridden community in American had a Martin Luther King street by now.

So, this is a day of guilt and reflection. What a fun time we are having, eh?