Focus Time

The animals are getting clingy like they do when they know we are about to travel.

This year we decided to pack in the guest house just to be a little more covert. The dogs have figured out that we are up to something. I guess me carrying bathing suits across the yard is too obvious for the smart minds of border collies.

I got a new phone, a new number and a new carrier this past weekend. I hated my old Blackberry and despised the carrier Nextel. The Blackberry is a lousy phone. Nextel didn’t work in the Virgin Islands.

So hello Cingular, the new AT & T. Do any of you remember what AT&T stands for? American Telephone and Telegraph. I’m ancient huh?

We have a house sitter coming to take care of everyone so Gigi and I are writing instructions on how to feed the cats, the dogs, the horses. She doesn’t do birds so I am taking Boscoe the parrot to a friend’s house for the week.

I am struggling to focus on work this week. I woke at 4 AM just from the sheer excitement of anticipation about my upcoming travels. Gigi popped up at 4:45.

Okay Reg…focus.