A Vacation Moment.....

I have a packing list this year for my travels to the Caribbean. The first year we way over packed. Gigi actually took 24 pairs of shoes the first year. We needed steamer trunks to carry all our stuff.

Year by year I have taken note to what I actually need and use. Having a washer and dryer at the villa makes the task even easier.

Here is the list for a week of sun and fun.

Snorkel, mask and flippers
Camera and charger (I need to buy)
Computer with St Thomas dial-up
Beer coozie
Convertible Pants and convertible jacket (wear)
Flip flops
Topsiders (wear)
Hawaiian casual shirt (wear)
Hat (Carolina)
3 tee shirts
2 Dockers shorts
1 casual shorts
1 dress Hawaiian casual shirts
2 golf shirts
2 swim trunks
4 boxers underwear (yes I am a boxer man)
Meds and shave kit
Midland Sign 1851 Miles (I’ll explain later)
Phone Splitter and 25’ phone cord for dial up