Delivery From Hawaii

We are having a Pineapple Express weather pattern. This is new to me and I am excited about it.

The "Pineapple Express" is when we have a weather system that has its origins from the Hawaiian tropics. Hawaii provided the moisture yesterday for our first ice storm of the year.

Hawaii is a hell of a long way from here. So I looked national, heck even global radar and sure enough a string of clouds is coming from Hawaii. It comes onshore in Mexico, then it skirts through the southern states.

Today it will go further south and will return back to NC on Sunday.

Down in the Virgin Islands it is common to get haze from African dust storm off the Sahara desert. Most Atlantic hurricanes originate the same way and they come plowing through here from time to time.

Wow! This is interesting stuff to me. I just sit here on my butt and nature delivers stuff to me from 7,000 miles in opposite directions. That is halfway around the globe.