Life can be divided into two kinds of people. There are nap people and there are non-nap people.

I am a nap person. I have always liked a nap in the afternoon. I mostly “catch a nap” on the weekends and usually they are only 30 to 45 minutes. I find naps to be very refreshing.

Non-nap people are very strong in their beliefs. Most claim that they wake up in an uncontrolled state of grumpiness. I used to wake up grumpy as a child, but I wake up happy now.

I used to take a medication for epilepsy that required a daily nap. Now my medications don’t make me sleepy, I am just napping for pure pleasure.

I took a nap today and it was wonderful. I slept so good that I though it was morning when I woke up. That momentary confusion is a sure sign of a good nap.