Big Dog Day

Today is garbage day here in Midland. Garbage day marks the passing of another week but more importantly it is a day of great anticipation for the dogs of the house. For you see dogs are universally born with the instinct of hating garbage collectors.

The excitement builds as I walk around this morning collecting waste and rubbish to roll out to the curb.

The actual arrival of the garbage truck is a well kept secret. I have seen it as early as 6:45 AM and as late as 4 PM. The dogs are aware of this and will stay on a semi state of alert most of the day.

As an added bonus, the UPS delivery truck can show up on the same making the household utter confusion. Peaches despises the UPS man. I have seen her snarl at the big brown truck in another city. I don’t know if she hates the corporate logo, delivery people in general or thinks its our UPS delivery man.

I’d better roll the waste can to the curb now.