Is There An Adult In The House?

Didn’t you think that when you became an adult, that you would be somehow wiser, and decisions would come naturally and easy? I thought I would be this calm and wise adult and all my thoughts would be grown up thoughts.

I have learned to make decision and the decisions I make come with thought and experience. But underlying it all is the chassis of a 14 year old that has never gone away. That reality scares me sometimes.

I see this in all men and a lot of women.

I am at the age now when I knew my father to be a wise man and provider. Boy did he fool me. My Dad was a funny and fun guy that could make anyone laugh with his humor and insight. But he knew exactly what I am saying today, about identifying the inner 14 year old.

Whenever a difficult decision was needed he would call out, “Is there an adult in the house?”

That saying of his, was partly to make me laugh, and partly the realization that no one ever achieves the childhood standards that you thought resided in all adults.

I personally enjoy that inner child I find in me. I banter back and forth with him in my mind and he makes me laugh.

But sadly, when I do adult things, the inner 14 year old has to go away. I guess that is the essence being an adult.