A Vacation Moment…….

I love the boardwalk at Christiansted Harbor in St Croix. The boardwalk is a very wide wood plank deck that skirts the business district. There are no rails on the deck so you could easily just walk in the Caribbean Sea. Not to worry though, the water is shallow.

The water in the harbor is crystal clear, warm, calm and blue. Moored in the water are sailboats of people that live in the harbor. They drive their dingy to shore nightly for dinner and drinks.

In the middle of the harbor is a small island with an old hotel built on it. It takes a 50 second ferry ride to get there. It is fun to go there and look back on the city while relaxing on the white sandy beach.

Lining the boardwalk are various bars, cafes, stores, hotels, shops, until you get down to the very end and you arrive at the airport where Seaplane flies. It’s fun to watch the planes circle the harbor and then land on the water. Seaplane provides the island hoping service of choice in the Virgin Islands.

At the other end of the boardwalk is Fort Christian. It is a museum now. Out front of the museum is a grassy field with a band shell. It would be a good place for a concert although I have never seen a concert there.

Some of our favorite restaurants and hangouts are on the boardwalk.

At night the boardwalk becomes a social place. It is well lit and usually you find good police bike patrols. Also at night very large fish come directly up to the restaurants and beg for table scraps.

Lastly I enjoy the webcam there on the boardwalk. I can never resist calling someone back home to taunt them at my good fortune, while I stand in front of the webcam waving back to them.


Amos said...

Wow, are you able to get any work done, cause I sure wouldn't thinking about that beautiful place I am going to soon.