Duke Update

Remember Duke?

We got Duke on Halloween from the pound and he had a badly broken leg.

The specialist (Gigi thinks he is hot) said to let him heal as he was.

Well it appears old Duke is doing fine and he is getting wonder lust and trying to herd along with Haley.

Gigi wants to take him back to the specialist (cause he’s not bad on the eyes she said) just to make sure he is okay for physical activities of a driven border collie. Yeah, right, Gigi.


Logzie said...

My kids pediatrician is a hottie too!

mr zig said...

oh man ... that is a damn fine looking dog! - - and those eyes! nice!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

My dog Galaxy had an oncologist that was smokin’ hot. She even had a little naughty looking tattoo on her wrist.

I remember us sitting down and they were explaining the chemo treatments to us and when she finished and left the room Gigi said, “Galaxy’s Oncologist is hot!”

And I stupidly said, “Yeah!”