Deep Diesel Thoughts

Yesterday I filled my hulking 37 gallon fuel tank with diesel. I have this way of thinking that there I am, filling this tank for the last time before I take my vacation. When I get back, this pre-vacation fuel will still be in my tank. My brain is somehow reasoning the closeness of the upcoming event in diesel fuel.

But it went further. The fuel I was buying was from a Hess station. Hess fuel originates from Venezuela. The fuel is refined in St Croix at the Hovensa refinery.

So somehow, all this fueling has, and will come full circle. It was meant to be that I travel back to the home of my diesel fuel.

I need to get my head checked.

Okay, another subject. I hate when I order something online and pay for express shipping only to find out that they sat on the order for three days before they rushed ship it. The whole point of express shipping was that I was in a hurry.


Logzie said...

You don't "need to get your head checked"...I love the way you think!

You have a zest for life and especially certain things in life (golf, St. Croix) and I think it's great.

Some people are so bogged down with life that a vacation like that can come and go and they barely slow down enough to notice it...but you enjoy every last second of it and I think that's fantastic!