The Big Blow

Tonight we are supposed to have one of our famous nasty southern winter ice storms. This one is said to be for real.

What we expect is freezing rain that builds up on trees and power lines. The roads become impassible and eventually tree limbs break and take out the power lines. Our world becomes a dark, cold, glazed icy mess.

They started salting the roads today and the local energy company said to expect a loss of power for sure.

As you may recall, Gigi hates power outages. So I have attempted to trick the ice storm gods by setting up the generator in advance.

This generator is a life savor for me. It basically fires up a few critical circuits. It keeps the refrigerator going, it keeps the water well working, and it keeps the TV and Internet going. What more could you want? Heat maybe?

I will build a fire in the fireplace if the outage goes on long enough.

Hopefully, things will be okay. Oh, for the warm breezes of ST Croix.