So What Is Winter?

People keep talking about what a warm winter we are having like cold is the only problem I have with winter. Sure, abnormally warm weather helps but there are other issues I have with winter.

Let’s look at the fixed and variable issues of winter. Fixed issues include;
Short days and limited light.
No leaves on trees
Brown grass
No flowers
More rain/ice and less evaporation that causes more mud
Brown everything, sticks, mud, dirt, grass
Limited outside activities

The variable here is cold. Here in the south a regular winter we may get a bad ice storm that knocks out power and makes the roads too slick to travel. Or we may get a few snow falls of 2 to 3 inches tops. This would be a bad winter.

Every ten years or so, we’ll get a foot to a foot and a half of snow just to keep us depressed. This will shut us down for days.

Typically in the winter we have highs in the low 50’s and lows in the high 20’s. So with lack of sunlight to evaporate and freezing at night the ground stays wet and muddy.

This year we are having days on average of the high 50’s to low 60’s and I am thankful. Still we have the fixed issues of winter that are constant.

So….warm is a concession but I long for spring. Thanks for listening.