The Little Details

I am starting to pack for St Croix and realize that my list was a bit idealistic. For example I NEVER travel without a bag of Hampton’s salted peanuts in the shell. How do they get the salt in the shell? Peanuts need to be added to the list.

I have been looking for my favorite hat with no luck. Today, the Carolina hat, as in the "University of North Carolina", hat suddenly appeared. Thank goodness. I had already pictured me sitting on the boardwalk, all tan with my hat, on drinking a Corona beer with lime, looking very cool. No other hat would do. I did have a less cool back-up hat ready just in case.

Then today, I realize we are flying on US Airways. US Airways has screwed up earphones that have two prongs. So these strange earphones need to be added to the list. I wouldn’t want to miss a sitcom rerun or some cheesy movie. I don’t think we have enough time for take-off, a movie and landing, so I expect recycled TV. The US Airways headphones are on my desk at work ready to be packed.


Reggie Hunnicutt said...

How do the Roasted and Salted in Shell Peanuts get salted?
The peanuts are placed in a large vat. A vacuum is drawn on the vat and the air is replaced with salt water. The extreme pressure forces the salty water through the shells. They are then tumble roasted by forced hot air, leaving a salt residue inside the shell.

Logzie said...

Ah...that makes sense now. :-)