One Bright Spot

This is the winter grind, to me its winter’s version of the dog days of summer. The days are short, cold, and uneventful.

One bright spot though. I get to track my packages.

Remember earlier in the week when I ordered my camera and SD cards? Well I got notice last night by email that both were shipped and both have a UPS tracking number.

So I rush off to the UPS site to look up my number and see where my package is (here this pharmaceutical industry? This kind of stuff can be done).

There it was. My departure scan, arrival scan and so on. One package is in one city and another package is in another city. On Friday they will converge at my office and I will be a happy boy.

So at least I’ve got that going for me. I’ve got to go now and see if my packages have moved any. That didn't sound right did it?


Ali said...

LOL - ah the perfect thing to hear on a chilly morning - you wondering if your packages have moved!

Amos said...

I hope you are enjoying your temperatures while the rest of us are freezing our butts off! 59 in Charlotte, what I would give to melt the 2 inches of ice off here!