I Make Some Folks Mad

Occasionally I get berated for stating my opinion on my blog of my reality of my world as I see it. This has happened more than several times. Part of the title of my blog, “and This makes Some Folks Mad” is derived from the fact that no matter what I say, I am bound to piss someone off, and I do.

Sorry for the word piss, I think it is crude but folks use that term now.

Several of the folks I make mad have either written or told me that I made them mad (angry) and implied that I should write a retraction to correct the situation, or reword the post. How can I retract my reality and be honest with myself?

Maybe part of my problem is my inability to write and master the written word to explain exactly what I mean when I write. Blame my 8th grade English teacher. Blame me. But don’t blame my reality.

I never write to make folks mad, never. Sometimes I think people read more into my statements than was intended. I think carefully about what I am writing and am comfortable with what I have said when I hit the “publish” button.

Often I will sleep on a post if I think it may be even slightly controversial. I may ask the opinion of my spouse, but rarely do that. What she reads is news to her too 99% of the time.

I never want to start controversy or strife. I write this blog to chronicle my life, my thinking, and maybe to make you laugh. Nothing more.


Ali said...

You haven't made me mad yet, and if you did - who cares? Maybe I make you mad with stuff that I write...bottom line is that it's your blog and you can write whatever you please.
You do, however, make me laugh, which I am seriously beginning to get annoyed with - how dare you!?

mr zig said...

I agree with Ali... it is your blog, and hey, even if you wanted to write something to intentinoally "piss" people off, then that would be your right as well.

Peach Pod said...

Seriously dude, its a blog, not the Washington Post. Type whatever you damn well please. The other people have the problem, not you.

Logzie said...

The only time you make me mad is when I read about your vacation and I am jealous that I can't go!

HA! Just kidding!!! (sorta)

I enjoy your posts SO much (you can probably tell by how often I comment).

I echo the Ali, Zig & Peach Pod...it's your blog...forget about them!!

Keep blogging my friend!