A Tasty Kernel

I like popcorn. Gigi loves popcorn. For the most part fresh popcorn is crunchy, salty and has a great corn flavor. It is pretty consistent if it is fresh.

But every once in a while you get a piece of popcorn, a single kernel that tastes fantastic! What is that? Why can this be repeated? I have often wondered if this is a kernel that maybe a worm was cooked in. If that is the case, then bring on the worms.

I had one such tasty kernel of corn yesterday while waiting for our supper to be prepared. Oh it was good and very blog worthy.

Have you noticed dogs feet smell like popcorn? Go ahead, find a dog and take a whiff. It is universal.

And one last thing….I found another pearl last week while eating an oyster. This one was fairly nice, almost black and about the size of a BB.


Anonymous said...

I see you survived the work out. Good!

Logzie said...

OH MY GOSH! I just smelled Grover's feet and you are right! That is weird!!!

I have that same thing with peanuts...some are just so tasty but unfortunately I only manage to find those ones only about 1 in every 30 peanuts. They are rare!

Amos said...

Hmmm, I tried it with my Golden Retriever and all I smell is dirty dog feet. Guess I don't get that one.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Try washing his feet and pat dry. Wait 30 minutes and re-sniff.