Island Connectivity

Last year I had this great dial-up speed from our villa in St Croix. I kept is running 24/7 and blogged freely. This is when I began blogging regularly.

The connection was so good that I ran a web cam most of the time and posted copious pictures to boot.

When I went back to St Croix in May, we stay at the other end of the island. The dial-up would not connect, and the wireless they had at the bar stopped working on Tuesday. I got terrible bloggers backup and lost my will to blog by Thursday.

This year I planned to activate my old Earthlink account and use dial-up again. Then I found out that there is no longer an access number for St Croix with Earthlink, so plan B. Plan B involved another dial up account, preferably a local company.

I found a company in the northeast US that happen to also service the US Virgin Islands. He said I could get a local dial-up for a month and that would be fine. To set up the account he needs the actual local number I was going to call from.

So I contacted the rental folks of our villa and they gave me the villa phone number. But they warned that the line had been down for a while and were not sure it would be repaired until after my visit. Local folks down there think that this poor service level is charming. It just pisses me off. Not having a net connection make me stress out.

Oh great! If I can’t have dial-up of any kind, then plan C, what ever that is.

There are one or two wireless places that I could travel to and upload and check email.

She did say that there was a wireless connection at the villa. I am suspicious. The last wireless connection I had there was a satellite feed that was slow at best, and lost connectivity with the passing of each fluffy cloud. Then the feed completely crapped out on Tuesday.

So hopefully I will have a decent connection and be happy as God intended. Or I will scrap around like a wild animal looking for a connection to post blogs.

In the best case scenario I will run a webcam. I have set up the template on the right bar of my blog. I must keep the picture small to conserve bandwidth.

So, one way or another I will post.


Logzie said...

Where there is a will...there IS a way!

I hope it works out...I am looking forward to it!